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  • 1) Anti-inflammatory Diet + 2) Mediterranean Diet: How to mix up an Intermittent Fasting Plan: Delay Women’s Aging by Living Healthy and Cooking … Cookbook 200 Recipes for Beginners 2023


    Are you searching for a natural way to boost your health, delay aging and reduce inflammation?

    Are you trying to lose weight? Do you like to cook healthy meals, even with low spending and only a little time?

    ✔️ If you answer YES, then keep reading.

    ⭐ NEW UPDATED VERSION (JULY 2023): 235 recipes + 200 bonus, new layout & a separate index for each recipe⭐

    Many people like to eat healthily and prepare “safe but good meals” and the Mediterranean Diet is the most known diet in this way and if you want it you know perfectly how is difficult to combine “good” with “healthy”.

    That’s why lots of people suffer from chronic or acute inflammation. If you are one of them, you know how difficult it can be to find relief.

    In this case, the Anti-inflammatory Diet can help you to improve your life quality because as you know, body inflammation causes problems with blood pressure, circulation, diabetes, and more very dangerous diseases, but don’t be afraid, because these problems are due to inflammation in the body can be improved through proper nutrition with this diet.

    That’s why this book exists: I like to help you to combine or to select the right diet, due to your condition or moment. The goal is to cook delicious meals without any complications for the organism!

    But it’s not over: there is also a cookbook associated with these diets method: in this way, you can learn new habits and join healthy eating: for sure, don’t forget complementary physical exercise, to stay well and be happier!
    You will be able to master the art of healthy cooking. It is a collection of delicious and nutritious recipes that are easy to follow and do not need a lot of time to prepare!
    The recipes are tailored to meet all your health requirements. Many of them are low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic, and gluten-free.

    Here is what you will find inside this book:

    Mediterranean diet principles and how to get the most out of it. With easy-to-follow explanations, this book will give you the chance to eat and stay well

    Anti-inflammatory diet principles and how to get the most out of it. More easy-to-follow explanations, to give you the chance to start a healthy day plan and distress your body

    Tips and tricks to take advantage of all the benefits of these diets and begin a new life in no time staying well and delaying aging!

    A lot of quick, easy, and delicious recipes require just 5 easy-to-find main ingredients that you can find in any supermarket on a low budget.

    Complete Meal plans for every people and moment. Follow a simple meal plan featuring Anti-inflammatory ingredients or Mediterranean elements or an Intermittent fasting plan.235 recipes In the first part, you can find 20 recipes very innovative and all you need to know about the Mediterranean Diet; in the second, 15 recipes are dedicated to the Anti Inflammation method. In the third, you can find a general cookbook to mix up with an Intermittent fasting Meal Plan

    +200 bonus recipes: Here,other 200 recipes exclusively for the Anti-inflammatory and Mediterranean Diet

    …And much more!

    Thanks to this Big Book you will have new knowledge and you will cook meals improving your health in No-Time.
    Forgive to think about how to cook to eat well and stay better! This “Know-how” and recipes are easy to make, tasty, and affordable. They are perfect for you, your friends, and your entire family!

    Don’t waste more time and start to eat healthily!

    Go now! Scroll up and click on “Buy Now”and regain a natural and healthy life by eating well!.

    From the Publisher





    Index, table content Intermittent fasting for women over and after 50, dieting for beginners dummiesIndex, table content Intermittent fasting for women over and after 50, dieting for beginners dummies

    Easy, clear, complete and cheap!

    “Expert-approved and personally tried this book, meal plan, and prep are a blast! Ideal for women over 50 and during menopause. It’s a top-notch choice! Five stars” (Jennifer A.)


    Intermittent fasting so complete, 3 diets in 1: After 50, menopause and diabetesIntermittent fasting so complete, 3 diets in 1: After 50, menopause and diabetes

    Well explained

    “Taylor Remedies Productions: Complete and user-friendly: it’s easy to look at her author page where there are the rest of her books and a video of this book! ”

    (Angie German)


    IF DIET AS NEVER BEFORE. It's a special book of dieting to weight loss and stay wellIF DIET AS NEVER BEFORE. It's a special book of dieting to weight loss and stay well

    Very Complete

    “Perfect, this book demystifies diets with clarity. Discover a user-friendly meal plan and comprehensive explanations for menopause and diabetes cases.” (Robert Dummies)

    It's an important book on a healtily style of life. You can really Lose weight with this method!It's an important book on a healtily style of life. You can really Lose weight with this method!

    Perfect for women over 50 and beginners

    “An extensive exploration of various diets that seamlessly integrate with this meal plan, her comprehensive information offers a captivating and enlightening read. Discover the limitless possibilities of combining diets with intermittent fasting for optimal results.” (Angelika Gen)

    Author Taylor Remedies and Jennifer Books. Anti inflammatory Diet and Mediterranean DietsAuthor Taylor Remedies and Jennifer Books. Anti inflammatory Diet and Mediterranean Diets

    Explore Taylor Remedies’ book collection now! Find the perfect read for your wellness journey in her author page!

    Table with food antiinflmmatory and Mediterranean diet recipes coockbook meal plan and prepTable with food antiinflmmatory and Mediterranean diet recipes coockbook meal plan and prep

    “Revitalize Your Health: The Powerful Fusion of Anti-Inflammation Diet + Mediterranean Diet. Look Inside!

    Anti inflammatory recipes index Anti inflammatory recipes index

    Meal plan & meal prep anti inflammation diet and mediterranean dietMeal plan & meal prep anti inflammation diet and mediterranean diet

    Recipes inside the book, userfriendlyRecipes inside the book, userfriendly

    Anti Inflammatory and Mediterranean Diet coockbook for beginners. Meal plans for beginnersAnti Inflammatory and Mediterranean Diet coockbook for beginners. Meal plans for beginners

    Recipes: Anti Inflammation + Mediterranean Diet

    “Discover the power of our Anti-Inflammatory and Mediterranean Diet guide! Designed exclusively for women over 50, our user-friendly recipes will transform your health and vitality.

    With a separate index for easy navigation, Taylor Remedies ensures you’ll embark on a delicious journey towards a vibrant and energetic lifestyle

    Meal Plans and all the dieting explanations

    “Unleash the power of the Anti-Inflammatory and Mediterranean Diet!

    Fuel your body with our cutting-edge meal plans and expert guidance to create your ultimate routine.

    Whether you prefer separate or mixed-up approaches, our revolutionary intermittent fasting plan will supercharge your results”

    200 recipes to mix up: General Cookbook

    Revolutionize your diet with our game-changing cookbook! Packed with mouthwatering recipes that seamlessly blend with an intermittent fasting plan, it’s time to tantalize your taste buds while staying on track.

    Say goodbye to boring diets and embrace a world of flavorful alternatives

    Anti Inflammatory + Mediterranean Diet for beginners by Taylor Remedies

    “Unleash your health potential with the ultimate power duo: Anti Inflammatory Diet and Mediterranean Diet. Discover the secrets to their success with our all-in-one guide.

    Dive into the world of dieting, meal plans, and meal prep with our detailed, separated cookbooks. Don’t miss out!

    It’s now: seize the opportunity!”

    Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (November 22, 2022)
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    Paperback ‏ : ‎ 191 pages
    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8364885425
    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.09 pounds
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 0.44 x 10 inches

  • 21 Day Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting for Rapid Weight Loss: Ketogenic Diet Plan: Get in the Zone to Detox, Reset and Cleanse Your Body, Burn Fat and Maintain Your Goal Weight


    Do you want to lose weight, eat healthier, and feel better fast? Do you want to lose those extra pounds, but you just don’t have the willpower? 

    21 Day Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting for Rapid Weight Loss will show you:

    The health benefits of the ketogenic dietHow to fire up your metabolism for maximum weight lossThe exact meals contained in our 21-day menu planThe results you can expect in 21 daysHow to keep the weight off with intermittent fasting

    So many diets work for a short while, but then you pile all the weight back on. Not this one – the keto diet will help you lose weight fast, and the intermittent fasting plan can help you maintain your weight. And you can see results in just 21 days!

    Scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button to kick-start your weight loss journey now!

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

  • 30 Day Ketogenic Vegetarian Meal Plan: Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook, Keto Desserts Recipes


    Sometimes being a vegetarian and going on a diet can be frustrating…the world seems set up for meat-eaters. Being different, anyhow, leads to higher creativity and to finding new untapped resources…

    Cameron Walker is a PhD in Nutritional Science and Yoga Master.

    Having suffered from invalidating migraines since the age of 6, he has a passion for helping others become healthier and a better versions of themselves, mainly through healthy nutrition and an increased awareness about your body.

    All his research is based on scientific data and, first of all, on personal testing.

    Aware of the fact that living as a vegetarian can be challenging (Cameron has gone vegetarian since the late ‘80ies, at time in which there was much lower choice of vegetarian foods available and much less awareness about this life choice), he wished to offer a precious resource for all those who have had the courage of choosing this lifestyle and are pursuing their values every day by deliberately choosing to not eat meat and fish.

    This bundle contains 2 of Cameron’s books:

    1)The Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook, which guides you though 30 days of great vegetarian recipes and the indications you need to manage your macros and stay away from side effects when starting on your keto quest, and
    2)Ketogenic Dessert Cookbook, that will allow you to add sweet treats to your meal plan for a once-a-week great and tasty comforting treat.

    Hopefully, these intriguing recipes will inspire your mind and delight your palate, making your journey to getting into a better shape with the keto diet more of a pleasure and less of a pain.

    You can add the book to the cart now or in another moment, simply remember to share this resource with the Vegetarian keto tribe.

    ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07DFB1QMD
    Publisher ‏ : ‎ Createspace (May 30, 2018)
    Publication date ‏ : ‎ May 30, 2018
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    File size ‏ : ‎ 6647 KB
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  • 30-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan: Intermittent Fasting Edition


    Are you sick and tired of losing weight and gaining it back?

    Do you want to lose weight but you’re too busy (or lazy) to make complicated Keto meals?
    Are you looking for a challenge that would lead to rapid fat loss and offer you the lean figure you have always dreamt of?
    If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, please allow me to explain why this book can be the best solution for you.

    Why This Book Is Perfect for You:
    As a person who went through all of the above, I’ve designed the easiest, yet extremely effective 30-day meal plan for those who want to lose weight using the magic of the Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic diet but don’t want to spend hours per day in the kitchen.
    This 30-Day Intermittent Fasting Ketogenic Meal Plan isn’t like most other meal plans out there. It is a comprehensive healthy meal prep guide, offering you invaluable insight into the best way to lose weight with healthy, mouth-watering recipes.
    In this book, you will find over 70 Keto recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy-to-prepare.
    Some mouth-watering recipes include: Keto Fat Head Pizza with Pepperoni, Bacon Wrapped Peanut Butter Cheese Burgers, Keto Mac & Cheese, Keto Quiche Lorraine, Keto Cream Cheese Pancake, Keto brownies, Parmesan Chips…and much more!
    Each recipe is using only ingredients that are easy to find and are ideal for burning fat fast, with detailed nutrition facts and net carb calculation.
    This makes the 30-day Intermittent Fasting Ketogenic meal plan the best way to lose weight!
    Everything is laid out step-by-step so you can start today and lose weight by tomorrow!

    What you will get when you one-click this book:
    •You’re getting the FULL 30-DAY Intermittent Fasting Keto weight loss and health improvement program
    •Over 70 Delicious and FAT-MELTING KETO RECIPES that breakdown calories, carbs, fat and proteins content
    •Meal prep guide to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new look!
    •The complete guide on how to combine Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet for maximized fat-loss results
    •A bonus fat bombs chapter to help make your life easier!
    •And More!

    Only 30 Days to a slimmer, sexier you!
    The 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Ketogenic Meal Plan is a revolutionary new life-transformation meal plan that not only will help you lose weight and feel better but also eliminate more body fat – faster than anything you have tried before.
    Yes, Intermittent Fasting and Ketosis are powerful tools that will help you lose weight, boost energy, and feel better in your own skin.
    All you have to do is follow the meal plan and recipes I provide and watch as the pounds melt effortlessly off your body.
    If you get your copy today, in just a few seconds from now you’ll have access to all the tools you need to lose weight and get healthy as quickly as possible.

    Take the challenge! Grab this meal plan today and see how 30 days of the Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic lifestyle can do wonders for you!

    ★Buy the Paperback version and get the ebook for FREE!★

    Publisher ‏ : ‎ CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 26, 2018)
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    Paperback ‏ : ‎ 246 pages
    ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1719522294
    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1719522298
    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 10.1 ounces
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.24 x 0.56 x 7.99 inches

  • A Guide To A Successful Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan: The Ultimate Roadmap to Thrive on a Plant-Based Ketogenic Lifestyle and Achieve Optimal Health


    Discover the secrets to achieving a successful vegetarian keto diet plan with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a seasoned vegetarian looking to incorporate the benefits of a keto diet or a keto enthusiast interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle, this book offers all the tools and knowledge you need to effortlessly navigate this unique dietary approach.

    In these pages, you will find expert advice and practical strategies to help you understand and implement a vegetarian keto diet plan. With a focus on nourishing your body with healthy, wholesome ingredients, you will learn how to achieve ketosis and fuel your body with plant-based proteins, healthy fats, and low-carb vegetables. Say goodbye to bland and boring meals, as this book is packed with delicious, mouthwatering recipes that are tailor-made for vegetarians following the keto lifestyle.

    By reading “A Guide to A Successful Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan,” you will unlock a wealth of benefits, such as:

    – Enhanced weight loss: Experience the incredible fat-burning power of combining a vegetarian diet with the keto approach.
    – Increased energy levels: Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods that promote sustained energy throughout the day.
    – Improved mental clarity: Benefit from the cognitive advantages that the keto diet provides, including increased focus and mental acuity.

    Featured in “A Guide to A Successful Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan”:

    – Expert-approved advice: Receive guidance from seasoned nutritionists who specialize in vegetarian and keto diets.
    – Easy-to-follow meal plans: Discover weekly meal plans that simplify your journey to a successful vegetarian keto lifestyle.
    – Delectable recipes: Indulge in a wide array of tasty vegetarian keto recipes that cater to your taste buds and dietary needs.

    Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your health and well-being. Purchase your copy of “A Guide to A Successful Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan” today and embark on a fulfilling journey towards a healthier you!

    ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0CNMW7MSN
    Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (November 17, 2023)
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    Paperback ‏ : ‎ 194 pages
    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8867970567
    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 15.5 ounces
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.5 x 0.44 x 9.25 inches

  • A Low-Carb Meal Plan And Menu: Low-Carb Diet Beginner’s Guide: How To Start Low Carb Diet For Beginners


    Juggling a lot this day? If there’s little time to cook a healthy dinner, we got you. Just set aside an hour max and you can have a balanced meal on the table or for leftover lunches all week.
    A low-carb diet is easy to use once you learn its basics. Maybe you are sick and tired of dieting and you do not see the results that you would like to have. You’ve heard of a low-carb diet and you cannot help be intrigued. Do you want to give it a try! Good. After all, you have nothing to lose.
    To achieve your goal, you need a good cookbook, a little bit of knowledge, and a lot of goodwill. Anyway, you need to know – Nothing will change until you do!

    ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09GXPMXJV
    Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (September 22, 2021)
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    Paperback ‏ : ‎ 221 pages
    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8482147740
    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 13.9 ounces
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 0.56 x 9 inches

  • Anti Inflammatory Diet: The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide With Diet Plan To Eliminate Inflammation, Improve … Immune System With Cookbooks And Recipes


    ★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! Discounted Retail Price NOW at $ 33,95 instead of $ 44,95! ★
    An essential guide and cookbook to help you fight inflammation and heal your immune system!!

    Why is it that after we eat a lot of cake, ice cream, French fries, pizza, cookies, candy, or chips, we feel absolutely terrible on a mental, physical, and emotional level? How can food that tastes so good be so bad?

    What problem do our bodies have with the delicious foods that we are eating?

    The problem is inflammation.

    Inflammation is complicated. The way that our bodies process the food that we eat is complicated-and how the two processes interact is still more complicated.

    Fortunately, for us, the equation is simple:

    A consistently bad diet leads to chronic inflammation, which can lead to a multitude of systemic diseases.

    Within these pages, you will find everything that you need to know to revolutionize your diet, dramatically reduce or eliminate your current inflammation, and significantly reduce your risk of developing any one of a multitude of severe and often life-threatening diseases.

    By understanding and implementing the four-week anti-inflammatory diet outlined within this book, you can experience such benefits as:

    – Reduced risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancer, hypertension, allergies, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, and many, many more

    – Increased energy and ease of mobility

    – Improved mood and mentality

    – Increased focus and improved sleep

    – Improved cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels

    – Enhanced immune system function and resilience

    – Better control over your weight

    – An in-depth understanding of how your body uses and processes foods

    – And much more!

    Whether you or a loved one is a long-time sufferer of the effects of chronic inflammation, whether you are the picture of perfect health, whether you have your G.E.D., or whether you graduated from medical school, this book will provide you with the tools and explanations that you need to understand the inflammatory process, take control of your inflammation, and begin to heal your body.

    This book is the first step on your journey to a healthier and happier life, so let’s get started!

    Publisher ‏ : ‎ Tufonzipub Ltd (April 1, 2021)
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 112 pages
    ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1801609861
    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1801609869
    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 10.5 ounces
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.98 x 0.31 x 9.02 inches

  • Atkins Diet Cookbook For Women: Delicious And Easy-to-follow Low-Carb Recipes for Weight Loss And Healthy Living | 28-Day Meal Plan Included


    Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse with “The Atkins Diet Cookbook for Women”!

    Hey, you! Yeah, you – tired of the diet circus, the empty promises, and the frustration of not seeing real results? Well, hold onto your hats, because I’ve got news that’s gonna rock your world.

    Ever wondered why diets leave you starving and drained?

    Ready to ignite a fat-burning fire within and sculpt the confident, vibrant you?

    Introducing “The Atkins Diet Cookbook for Women” – your secret weapon to a lifestyle that doesn’t just transform your body, it revolutionizes the way you approach life.

    Listen up, because this ain’t your average cookbook. No, this is your ticket to a journey that’s gonna have you savoring every bite while watching your energy skyrocket. We’re talkin’ about the legacy of Dr. Robert Atkins, the genius who unleashed the power of ketosis – turning your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

    But here’s the kicker: we’re not about deprivation. We’re about indulgence – the smart way. Think Baked Lemon Herb Salmon that’ll make your taste buds dance, and Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken that’s gonna make you question if you’re really eating healthy.

    And guess what? This cookbook gets you. It understands your curves, your goals, and your dreams. It’s all about sculpting those curves, boosting your confidence, and giving you the mental clarity you’ve been craving.

    But hold onto your hats, because we’re not stopping there. You’re getting a 28-day meal plan that’s gonna transform your relationship with food and kick-start your wellness journey. Oh, and did I mention the 7-day weight loss workout plan? Your metabolism won’t know what hit it. And to top it off, we’re throwing in a weight loss tracker journal to keep you on track like a boss.

    So, if you’re ready to ditch the confusion, embrace the power of ketosis, and step into a lifestyle that’s all about YOU – grab “The Atkins Diet Cookbook for Women” and buckle up, because you’re in for a ride that’s gonna redefine everything you thought you knew about diets.

    Don’t wait for change – make it happen! Get your copy now and let’s rock your transformation journey, one delicious bite at a time.

    ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0CFJWD3BN
    Publication date ‏ : ‎ August 12, 2023
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    File size ‏ : ‎ 5958 KB
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  • Butter Runner: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet For Runners (Run Faster, Further, and Longer using Ketosis + FREE meal plan)


    Science has shown the body runs better (pun intended) using fat.

    Truth is, you were born to burn fat and store sugar. It’s in your
    DNA. For most of history this was normal. Modern runners do the opposite,
    burning sugar and storing fat, much to the displeasure of our athletic ancestors.

    In Butter Runner, bestselling keto author Eric Stein explains how casual
    joggers, dedicated runners, and high-level marathon competitors all posses the
    same metabolic ability to be fat-burning powerhouses by following simple
    step-by-step instructions that train your body to use fat instead of carbs for
    energy, unlocking an ancient power supply.

    In this book you’ll learn:

    Ketogenic Diet Basics
    How Burning Ketones Increases Endurance
    Why Carb-Loading May Hurt Performance
    The Secret Ketosis-Longevity Connection
    Delicious Keto Recipes and Meal Plan
    Proper Supplementation For Keto Athletes
    And Much Much More…
    Increase performance, reduce inflammation, slim down and get healthy
    with Butter Runner, the forefront guide to burning fat for fuel.

    Click Buy Now at the top of this page and find out why
    ketogenesis is the future of athletic performance!

    ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0758XL2W2
    Publisher ‏ : ‎ Disruptive Publishing, LLC (August 30, 2017)
    Publication date ‏ : ‎ August 30, 2017
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    File size ‏ : ‎ 223 KB
    Simultaneous device usage ‏ : ‎ Unlimited
    Text-to-Speech ‏ : ‎ Enabled
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    Print length ‏ : ‎ 61 pages

  • CARB MANAGER’S KETO DIET COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS: The Ultimate Quick and Easy Low-Carb, and High-Fat Keto Recipes – With 21-Day Meal Plan for a Healthy and Nutritious Ketogenic Lifestyle


    The “Carb Manager’s Keto Diet Cookbook” is a delicious travel guide that will lead you on a savory voyage across the world of low-carb, high-fat treats. This expertly prepared cookbook creates a feast for the senses and the body by fusing the art of gourmet cuisine with the scientifically supported principles of the Keto diet.

    You’ll find a wealth of delicious dishes that have been carefully crafted to support your Keto lifestyle inside of these pages. Each recipe is carefully developed to deliver a combination of taste and nutrition, from delectable breakfast pleasures that fuel your mornings to magnificent feasts that satisfy even the most discriminating palette.

    Explore a variety of culinary creations while incorporating foods that are both nourishing to the health and enticing to the taste buds. Let your inner chef go. Enjoy delicious snacks and appetizers that are flavorful without violating your carbohydrate objectives. Enjoy cool drinks that will quench your thirst and keep you firmly on the Keto diet. Additionally, indulge your sweet taste with delectable desserts that show you can have your cake and eat it too while adhering to your Keto diet.

    But this book offers more than just recipes; it’s also a thorough manual that gives you the skills you need to easily saunter through the world of Keto cuisine. Learn the science of ketosis and appreciate how this nutritional strategy may improve your life. Learn the fundamentals of macronutrients and how to make decisions that will improve your health and wellbeing.

    It’s time to take control of your health and enjoy the benefits of a kitchen that is keto-friendly. Prepare to relish each taste and change how you view food, one delicious recipe at a time.

    ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C7JD6CH8
    Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (June 11, 2023)
    Language ‏ : ‎ English
    Paperback ‏ : ‎ 102 pages
    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8397950831
    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 6.6 ounces
    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.5 x 0.23 x 8.5 inches

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