PSMF Weight Loss Challenge

PSMF Weight Loss Challenge

PSMF Weight Loss Challenge

Who wants to lose weight eating my delicious protein sparing recipes AND win prizes?

Join me and my protein sparing support group on MARCH 1st for 30 days to do my Protein Sparing Modified Fasting Weight Loss Challenge!

Find my FREE Support Group for Protein Sparing Modified Fasting HERE! 

Just by following my perfected meal plans in The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse and the my Protein Sparing Modified Fast Meal Plans you could WIN!!!!

Click HERE to get the FREE meal plans to follow!

Just by posting your photos of your meals on my Keto Adapted Facebook wall or on Instagram and mentioning @mariaemmerich in your posts with the hashtag #psmfchallenge and #The30DayKetogenicCleanse

As a bonus you can join our PSMF group on Facebook HERE and post there too!

The prizes are gift cards towards anything at Keto-Adapted.com.

  1. Week 1:  $50 gift card to anything at Keto-Adapted.com
  2. Week 2: $100 gift card to anything at Keto-Adapted.com
  3. Week 3: $150 gift card to anything at Keto-Adapted.com
  4. Week 4: $200 gift card to anything at Keto-Adapted.com
  5. The BEST before/after photo transformation will win $300 to Keto-Adapted.com!!!!  (the transformation can include more than weight loss! Getting off medication, better moods, more energy or any transformation you achieve with the Protein Sparing Modified Fasting! 

NOTE: Only one winner per week. Also, the final winner will be chosen on April 4th so make sure you get your final before after photo or story shared with the tags before April 2nd.

You can use the gift cards towards:

1. A phone consult

2. A subscription membership (I highly suggest a platinum membership with the NEW meal planner!)

3. any of my nutrition Packages!

4. any of my ebooks (or my hard cover books)

5. A personal health assessment!

6. Our Strength Training Programs!

7. Our Keto Coaching Certification Program!

The Spring is such a great time to challenge yourself on setting NEW goals and my protein sparing modified fasting meal plan will get you to your goal FAST!

Good Luck!

“The one week weigh in results!

I would say Maria Emmerich’s program is a HUGE success for my Family! This was a very busy weekend for us to with the County Livestock show, but we didn’t let that chaos derail us. We stayed the course!

Thank you Maria Emmerich for your knowledge and improving my families health.

Also my husband is T1D and we have seen great glucose readings as well! Straight lines on the meter graph!


#psmfchallenge” – Cheyenne

Most people I consult are doing keto totally wrong. Get fast results with the my Mind-blowing Keto School!

Click HERE to check out my supplement plans!

Published at Wed, 16 Feb 2022 17:24:26 +0000

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