10 Keto Southwest Inspired Recipes [Low-Carb Mexican Food]

10 Keto Southwest Inspired Recipes [Low-Carb Mexican Food]

10 Keto Southwest Inspired Recipes [Low-Carb Mexican Food]

Typically on a low-carb or ketogenic diet, you can’t easily have Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine because of all of the tortillas, beans, and rice. But you can find creative ways around those constraints while keeping all of the flavors there. Whether you do Taco Tuesday, Fish Friday, or Steak Saturday, here are some great keto southwest/Mexican recipes that will fit the bill without any of the added carbs!

In this video, you’ll find plenty of low-carb Mexican recipes to fill you up on a daily basis whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From soups to tacos to enchiladas, you can bring the deep and rich flavors of the southwest to your kitchen.

Looking for a specific recipe from the list? Here’s a link to each of the recipes in order. Remember, you can visit the links below for a full nutrition breakdown of each recipe:

00:00 Intro

00:27 Simple Keto Enchiladas

Simple Keto Enchiladas

02:50 Cilantro Lime Shrimp Stuffed Poblanos

Keto Cilantro Lime Shrimp Stuffed Poblano Peppers

06:10 Chicken Enchilada Soup

Chicken Enchilada Soup

08:34 Hatch Chile Casserole

Hatch Chile Casserole

11:03 Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Crispy Coconut “Rice”

Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Crispy Coconut Caulirice

13:03 Breakfast Enchiladas

Keto Breakfast Enchiladas

15:16 Pork Asada Tacos

Pork Carne Asada Tacos

18:55 Skirt Steak with Cilantro Dressing

Seared Skirt Steak with Cilantro Paste

21:02 Southern Shakshuka

Keto Southern Shakshuka

23:21 Vegetarian Taco Stuffed Avocados

Vegetarian Taco Stuffed Avocados


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