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Rule clarification Re:Plain Text Requirement

Rule clarification Re:Plain Text Requirement

Hi r/ketorecipes, we wanted to take the chance to expound a bit more on the exact meaning of providing a recipe in plain text.

To be totally clear, what we are looking for with this rule is:

  • Not only linked elsewhere

  • Including a link to the source alongside the recipe is fine and encouraged!

  • Not included only in the title of the post

  • Titles have a character limit that often does not allow for the amount of detail a recipe requires, and cannot be edited

  • Not included only in an image, screenshot, or video

  • Some readers may have visual impairments and be unable to “read” images

This has always been the implicit spirit/meaning of the rule but we realized it was not as clear as it could be. The exact verbiage has been tweaked to indicated this.

Published at Thu, 19 Nov 2020 15:45:39 +0000