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Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 12 – The Importance of Magnesium

Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 12 – The Importance of Magnesium

Today our intrepid troop of hosts take some time for break down the important of an essential electrolyte. Magnesium is something that our bodies need to work on many pathways. Today we talk about that and the best ways to make sure we get enough in our daily lives.

Fascinating Facts – 

Danny – There is a legal loophole that might let you get away with murder somewhere in Yellowstone.

Mandy –

  • Per legend he was very angry that he’d heard that people would fall asleep during performances. In his 94th symphony he included a section that starts out very soft and then surprises the listener by blaring the whole violin section at full strength.
  • After he died and was buried, some phrenologists took his head

Brian – The worlds oldest surviving recipe is a formula for beer from Sumeria

This weeks recipe:

Danny’s Nutritious Organ (Chicken) Burgers

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